Durability Enhancement for New and Deteriorating Infrastructure

Zinc Layer Anode (ZLA)


A self-contained, durability enhancement system, for atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete. Combining the benefits of active electrochemical control from cathodic protection with passive environmental and barrier protection from surface shielding and protective coatings.


Zinc Layer Anode (ZLA) consists of a high purity zinc foil, complete with an ion-conductive, auto moistening, humectant/activator/adhesive layer. The zinc foil is impermeable to gasses/moisture and the adhesive layer provides direct electrochemical contact between the foil and the concrete surface enabling galvanic cathodic protection of embedded reinforcement.

When connected to the embedded reinforcement and in contact with the concrete surface, the zinc foil corrodes at the humectant/activator/adhesive layer and provides galvanic cathodic protection to the embedded reinforcement.


ZLA is capable, of stopping and preventing corrosion of reinforcement within chloride contaminated or carbonated structures, preventing the need for removal and replacement of sound, undamaged chloride contaminated or carbonated concrete.


Where installed with monitoring facilities, ZLA can be monitored and evaluated against the cathodic protection criteria listed within BS EN ISO 12696.


The complete anode system may be coated with a suitable coating material, to prevent surface corrosion of the anode, ensure the highest anode efficiency and improve concrete protection by restricting oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and chloride contaminated water access to the repaired structure.


ZLA does not contain any chlorides or chemicals which are harmful to the structure, personnel or the environment.



ZLA is suitable for protecting atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures suffering from chloride or carbonation induced reinforcement corrosion and resulting concrete deterioration.


The ZLA system provides an alternative to impressed current cathodic protection, galvanic/hybrid and galvanic cathodic protection using discrete embedded galvanic anodes, or localised embedded galvanic anodes for patch repair enhancement.


It can be used in conjunction with concrete repairs, to provide structure life extension and deterioration control of existing damaged structures.


It can be used to provide durability enhancement or deterioration prevention, when installed in the early life of a structure, to limit contamination and prevent the onset of corrosion related deterioration.